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Running a successful giveaway contest can be quite time consuming and stressful. There is a lot that goes into making sure the contest goes off without a hitch. There is a lot of creative that goes into portraying your brand in a professional way.

Another aspect to running a successful giveaway is to be aware of terms of services. Social media platforms such as Instagram frown upon the use of giveaways directly on their platform and could end in having your account banned or jailed.

We have managed many giveaways to understand what it takes to grow your email list and social media following though customized brand giveaways.

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Worked as a Union Ironworker in Southern California from 1992-2001. In 2001 I received my ICC Building inspectors License and moved to Lake
Havasu City. Owned and operated Another Block Company an excavation
and masonry company. I hold a contractor’s license in concrete, post-tension cables, excavation, and masonry. I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years. I am married to Stacey Lee, together we raised six children in Lake Havasu. We love this town and are proud to call it Home.